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Images Introducing the Frank Espada ArchiveCivil Rights Era PhotographyNew York in the '60'sSelections from The Puerto Rican Diaspora Documentary Project_ISelections from the Puerto Rican Diaspora Documentary Project_IIDanceThe Youth Environment Studies Project (Y.E.S.)Photography from the 1950's_IPhotography from the 1950's_IIRacetrack_1959Fountain House_1958PortraitureFrank's KidsFavorite Color PhotographyPhotographs from the Chamorro Documentary ProjectThe Glory of the Good FightBlack and White Nature PhotographyDogs and BirdsHang GlidersFamily PhotographsNew York in the 1950's and 1960'sBlake Avenue, East New YorkNew York Civil Rights Era PhotographyThe Puerto Rican Diaspora in New York